John Templeton Foundation Grant to NPI.

A two-year grant, “A New Biology of Spiritual Information”  has been awarded to NPI by the John Templeton Foundation.

Dr. Seymour Garte, President of NPI is the principle Investigator of the $195,000  award, and Aniko Albert, senior researcher at NPI, will also work on this project.

The aim of this project is to contribute to a new theory of evolution by natural selection. We will integrate the findings and concepts from several exciting new fields of biological research into a unified theoretical framework.

The emerging extended evolutionary synthesis (EES) includes a modern understanding of the interaction of genomes with the cellular and outside environment. This project will join other efforts in formulating new theories of biological variation.

We intend to use models to build a theory that can encompass convergence as an emergent phenomenon of complex gene regulation during development. Our starting point for theory development will be published models and data on gene regulatory networks, convergence, and retrotransposition. We will test the models using perturbations and determine their efficacy in explanation of real data. Potential spiritual or theological implications of the work will be noted and presented.